Sofeeya Perspective

Who I am ?

My name is Sofeeya Yusoh, I am 21 years old, I've been studying at Prince of Songkla university (Pattani Campus), Human and Social Science faculty, English Major, I've just finished studying 3rd grades and I'd already finished my internship for two months since I worked on first of June until last of July.

Why did I decide to work about Voluntary Service?

First of all, I'd decided to do my internship about voluntary service because I'd been impressive with the past international volunteer project in other organization then I realized that the voluntary service can respond my perspective in many ways such as the comprehension in sociability, language, respect, culture, behavior and so on.

What have I gotten from voluntary service?

I've gotten from voluntary service in two ways; physical and mental works that I'd divided from my opinion.

Firstly, in term of physical even if my work didn't have salary but I'd gotten the stronger body and more healthy during my internship because of I had to ride a bicycle from learning home to teach at the school round 3-4 kilometer that why I had more healthy.

Then, my work place was located far from convenient store so, it's the good ways for volunteer to have exercise with cycling or hiking, decrease the pollution in the air and also save energy.

Lastly, in term of mental it isn't easy to have happiness in every moments anyway I'd learnt that how to understand self-emotion. Even though I didn't study about education faculty, I realized that's hard to be a good teacher and understand every students. I never teach students before but now I'd learnt from students and I like them. And I'd learnt the different cultures, manner and behavior then how to respect and adapt each other. By the way, when we understood about that factors, the sociability wasn't difficult at all.

What does the voluntary service improve my English skill?

Although, I've been studying English major but I've just listened Thai accent when I studied English phonetic subject and so on, it doesn't include with other subjects that I'd studied with foreigner instructors. I can count the number of foreigner instructors that I used to learn English subject with them about 1-2 person per year, it's very less than the school at here which have many foreigner volunteers to teach English for them (when I compared with my university ) and I thought English listening skill of students here, it's better than some students who have been studying the same major with me. Anyway, I've already heard different pronunciations during internship about twelve country such as Finland, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Italy, USA, Mexican, Vietnam, Taiwan, Estonia, Belgium, Korea and it doesn't include with volunteer in other organization such as Austrian, German, British and so on. So I can improve my listening skill exactly.