VSA Volunteer>>DA

Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Mookda (nickname = Da) . I come  from Sakon Nakhon, Thailand. I was accountant 7 years ago and I decided to be volunteer for VSA Thailand  during 1-31 December 2014 at Learning Home, Khlonghoikhong, Songkhla.

The reasons why I joined the voluntary program :    The first reason >>The first company I worked there is a good consultant taught employees to be good persons who are good heart, help people ,having moral in mind.   The second reason >> In my opinion our life is not just give birth, earning money, having family but   we can do the beneficial for this world.   The third reason >> once my right foot bone was broken I was not capable of walking 2 months.    My feeling for that time I want to help poor people after I can walked.

The three reasons I mentioned before I made a decision to be volunteer somewhere in Thailand. I feel I am lucky person to join voluntary program of VSA Thailand for one month in Dec 2014.   About the activities I worked while I was volunteer for VSA Thailand.       There were many good voluntary activities I never had in my life before. I really enjoyed and happy to do it.

 The activities I did…

 >> I joined  planting, leaving fish through the river, gave ice cream for people at Khlonghae temple in Hatyai, Songkhla

 >> I had chance to talked about the motivation of being volunteer for students in Thaksin University, Songklla.

 >> I joined Buddhist activities at  Khlonghae temple, Songkhla. And exchanging Buddhist knowledge for 2 French VSA volunteers.

>> I helped 2 VSA English teachers taught students at Wat Leab School, Ban Kuankob School, Learning Home in Songkhla.

>> I prepared Christmas party and joined many activities such as played many games with children and VSA volunteers.

>> I did cooking with VSA volunteers from abroad, I talked with them, traveled, lived with them sometime.


 Finally, I have to say thank you very much that VSA Thailand gave me very good experience, make me know new friends from   Songkhla and abroad, practicing English, doing good activities. I had a wonderful time with children, VSA volunteers, VSA staffs and Songkhla people I feel they are friendly, very kind. They took care very well. I hope the next VSA volunteers will have  a good time as I met before. Let start and do good activities for people and you will see the good things from voluntary program.