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The collaboration of 6 countires on fighting youth unemployment by developing the employability skills mission. Aim of the project is to develop the model of empowerment of young people (especially NEETs) though development of employability skills on the international and local level. This program funded by Europea commission and partly supporting of 6 partners.


1) To improve the expertise of the partnership, to enable them to work with NEETs more efficiently

2) Support unemployed young people and NEETs, and particularly those in long-term unemployment to build competencies that will give them better chances to be included in the labour market.

3) To develop the methodological framework and tools to support development of the employability skills of young people.

4) Enhance active citizenship on local and global level within a group of traditionally passive (long-term) unemployed young people

5) To contribute to improvements of the system or learning recognition within the Learning mobility


There will be 4 concrete acitivities following in 18 months from August 2016 - January 2017 for youths to participating.

  1. International Training for trainers, facilitators or youth worker in Spain 06 to 13 February 2017
  2. European Voluntary Service (EVS) for 6 months in 6 countries.
  3. National Training in 6 countries for 24 participants for 3 days on empowering youth skills.
  4. Nationa events to visibility project in 6 counties.

Partners organization

CAT Poland

Cazzlla Spain

Pitsel Solidaires France

Ruchi India

VIN Nepal

VSA Thailand