camp survey at Thalaydham

 MLTV04 Asoke Sustainable Learning Center 

(Talay Tham Buddhist Temple)


Organized with Asoke Sustainable Learning Center (Buddhist Community)

The idea of living as basically way of life was promote to people around Thailand by Asoke Sustainable Learning Center (Buddhist Community). In this community people could learn how to live with other and nature. Organic Farm and vegetarian food is provide, No meat have eaten here. People in the Asoke community learning and living in the Buddhist way. Every day wake up early learning Buddhist and  working together in the local community.


Volunteers are expected to live and work together with everyone in the community; wake up early, study and discussion about Buddhists, working in organic farm, community kitchen, cooking, community shop, cleaning, separate garbage and gardening.   

Location: Talay Tham, Trang province. 10 Kms from Trang city.

Accomodation: Stay in the community house. Vegetarian food is included.

Terminal: Trang  train station, Trang Airport

Leisure Activities: Visiting the beach, island water fall, cave and enjoy with the local life.

Special Remarks:  volunteer can apply for 1-10 months (May – October 2012, January – October 2013) and arrival time is the 1st of the month. Please bring your country post card or anything which present your country to exchange in the camp.


 by Tum