T O O L F A I R Training by NA

Sunday , 02 March 2014

Started in the eveing , our activities were “Opening of the Euro Asian empowerment

and “ Getting to know each other We saw our name on piece of papers till the last day we just knew that the papers were the envelopes. I had talked with my first partner, Dominika and on the last day she was a great tour guide for Asian people. I had listened and learnt greeting in other languages from participants. We wrote ourselves on papers, wrote and told information of partner and all papers were stuck on the wall. I was given file and a lovely notebook, wrote MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS on it. My first impression was two students from Bratislava. They took me from Wien Airport.

Monday, 03 March 2014

In the morning: Communication 1

Started on introduce yourself. We played family game with cards and we was devide in to 4 groups and then played SPY TRANING. After that we discussed about how to give instruction. Played games, I had read text for one breath, loudly reading and exhalation reading.

In the afternoon: Communication 2

Watched vedio, non-verbal communication, 2 mins presentations. After that we watched our presentations and discussed ourself and each others.

Tuesday, 04 March 2014

In the morning: Intercultural learning 1

We listened Shanny’s story, talked to friend about each charecteristics (Shanny, Mama, Dave, Tony and Johny) and then rearranged them reasonably. After had finished. We listened more detail about Shinny’s story, talked in our group for rearranged them reasonably again. Talked about culture, Europeans and Asians. Explained and exchanged with participants what was the polite or impolite things in our cultures.

In the afternoon: Intercultural learning 2

We were divieded in to two groups and play games FAMA FAMA VILLAGEand MAWI FAMI CARDIt was our deep culture in simulation games. FAMA FAMA was for Asian culture and MAWI FAMI card was for Europian culture. After finished, we also said “GAME OVER” together with action. Then we had a party with KERIC volunteers and prepared for presentation in school tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, 05 March 2014

Using the location of the training Cadca

In the morning: School , tough students about our country.

In the afternoon: Town, explore games in pairs , walked around Cadca, visited KERIC.

Thursday, 06 March 2014

In the morning: Team work and outdoor activities 1

First game was played on wooden board. Second game was played on carpet. All games had roles and levels. I had much fun.

In the afternoon: Team work and outdoor activities 2

Loop running , divided to two groups and blind to the hills. Walked on two ropes and played electric wall with one rope.

Friday, 07 March 2014

In the morning: Group dynamics

Played Lego Building in difficult roles and tasks. We done it.


In the afternoon: Sightseeing of Zilina

Went to museum , ate traditional Slovak food , traveled in Zilina

Saturday, 08 March 2014

In the morning: Tool fair 1

Learnt about None formal Education, method, tool fair exchange ( Name Games, Energizers, Ice breakers, Team work activities, Simulations)

Prepared activities , presented your activities and bought activities that you liked it. Played the games that had got high score

In the afternoon: Tool fair 2

Presentation your organization in role playing.

In the evening: Evaluation and farewell party