Pisasha 2nd month in Spain

Everything happen for a reason, like when you computer decide to broke down when you have to post the blog that you were almost finish writing. One way to learn that you should save in more than one place. Sometime you have to learn from unexpected situation.

This month everything begin as fast as usual. Start with the arrival Training in Vic, small city within 1 hour away from Barcelona. In this training I have chance to meet other volunteer from other country that working on different project in Spain. We're all just start so we have some common feeling and experience that we can share and learn from each

other. Throughout the training we learn about other volunteer projects, our project, cultural and ‘How’ guide line. Beside all that course, we also went to see some local project which is also quite interesting.

Human Castle

One of the most important tradition in Catalan region since 18th century. What they do is basically build the tower with human but of course it´s not as easy as it sound. We had a chance to try it and you need more that just the strength to make the tower go higher. When we was there what is surprise me the most is this activity gathering people of all ages

together. Kids also take part in the activity because the higher the tower go the more weight the base have to carry. Also this bring other people who didn't participate in the castle or the family members together which make the success of the castle spread wider to everyone. Even though they have competition every 2 years but the winner or the highest castle isn’t the only point of the whole event.

La Fàbrica de Somnis

Or factory of dream is another project that very interesting. Factory of dream base on the idea to build the exercise place that not in the form of gym. In this place consist of Dance space, Yoga room, Juggling stage , bouldering wall for rock climbing, Aerial silk area and little bar. The monthly member price and the purchase from the bar is to keep the factory running and the interesting part of the project is they are run by volunteer. According to that, The factory is only open from 18.00-21.00 and open to people of all ages.The original idea of the project is from a few people who believe that it can come true. It´s impacts me in 2 main ideas. The first idea of being a volunteer and what you can do. Also as an interior design student, it help me seeing more possibility of what can happen.

Beside all the activities are the opportunity to meet other volunteer and to share the time together which I think it's important to feel that you're not walking in the path alone.

First trip : Lost and Found

After one month and a half, I finally did my first trip to Granada, Seville and Cordoba. All of the cities are beautiful in their own way. In each city I learn a different thing, First city is Granada, I spend almost 4 days there and meet one of my friend. Maybe it's as cliche as other trip but I learn to spend my time the best I could and learn to say goodbye but not completely. In Seville, I realize that I travel alone now. After a lot of walking with endless thing to see, in the evening I got message from Thai´s friend and turn out that her boyfriend live in Seville. After that we met in the evening and what amaze me is how crazy is the possibility in this world and what it could be. The last city is Cordoba and here is the first time I try couchsurfing. Even though 2 city earlier already full of thing to do and see but walking through the city with local person is another way to discover the city. In the end I learn another lesson of goodbye and also learn to accept it. Most of the time you can´t realize it right away.

After 2 months, The feeling of languages attack is decreasing due to more understandable of languages and be more relax with people around me. It make me getting more comfortable but also too comfortable would be dangerous as well. That´s why you can always step out of your comfort zone.