Lena in Clermont-Ferrand

Hello! My name is Lena from Thailand. The camp that I went was in France and organized by Solidarités Jeunesses, it situates in the center of France in Clermont-Ferrand.

My camp started at 20th of July and ended at 2nd of August. This project had 14 people from 9 different countries such as Nigeria, USA, Italy, Albania, Germany, Russia, France, Turkey and Thailand. Nevertheless, after 4 days, the Turkish had left. In addition, we had an Estonian group joined with us too!

We lived in tents, separated by the girl’s tent, the boy’s tent and the Estonian men’s tent. For the Estonian women’s accommodation, they lived in a dome that made out of wood. My tent was better than I had expected, for example, it has mattress for each bed and it was quite big for 6 girls (later remained only 5 girls). However, there is no Wi-Fi neither in the castle nor in the tent area.

Moreover, nearby the workcamp has a castle called “Château des Prureaux”, where I spent my free time with my friends playing board games and cards such as Uno, Jungle Speed, Monopoly and Werewolf. Nearby the castle, there are a garden, a wood storage for building things, a bicycle storage for cycling around the workcamp, the shower baths, the toilets, a smoking area and a tent area.

For job, in each day everyone would do different jobs, but in some days some people might need two days to do the job. For example, in the first two days I had made a box for the compost with another three volunteers, I had cleaned the castle and looked after the garden. In everyday, they would be two people who did not need to work because there are in the kitchen team (meaning that they need to cook all day).

This camp gave me more than I had thought, it was very worth for coming here and I am very happy that I had come here.