Story of Lapit

I don’t know what to write about this project, it’s too many things and great memory. My workcamp located in Heidenheim nearly by Ulm city. Heidenheim is a small city and the local people are very friendly. Especially, when they knew we came for the volunteering workcamp, everything will be easier.

About the work, we work about 6 hours per day and we need to cook for our group. At the first day, we discussed about working plan and we were divided for cocking teams and working team. We also planned for activities after working, everyone need to cook the food but don’t worry because all we will help together. After the working time, we usually went out to the other city and explored some popular city such as Munich or Ulm.

It’s as much fun as you can imagine.

I got so many things from this work camp such as new friendship, experience and learning the language. And the important things are this workcamp changing my attitude and personal idea.