Kurogi AVS by Warut

My name is Warut (ワルット). I'm from Thailand. 5 months ago, while I was sitting behind my desk in a big city, I found an encouraging quote on the internet. It said, "Whenever you feel worthless, stop doing for yourself and start contributing to others". So, I unintentionally found this work camp and decided to leave my job and join the camp all alone. Even though I would like to stay for a year, but my visa allows me just only for 3 months. However, that's more than enough.

To be here, not just only to contribute my time and effort to others, but it also helps me to find myself, my goal and my life. Sansonjuku is an amazing non-profit organization that allows me to gradually absorb their ways of living. Eco-friendly life is not just a trend to follow, but it's a contribution from the bottom of your heart.

The main task is to take a good care of myself as good as I can which doesn't require much time here. I don't have to check social network all the time. I don't have to spend my time and money for dressing up. Life is very easy and free. I feel like I understand the meaning of 奇麗 (kirei) which both means "beautiful" and "clean". So to be clean is beautiful and to be beautiful is clean, physically and mentally.

In a week time, I have 1 day-off. But it seems like every day is a day-off and workday at the same time. On a daily basis, I learn how to have meals in manner. I learn how to sleep and wake up in manner. I learn how to clean everything properly. I learn how to cook healthy food. I learn how to take care of a goat. I learn how to make a fire. I learn how to live without electric power and etc.

During workday, I learn how to take care of rice paddies in organic way. Not only "How to" but also "Why to". I learn how to harvest vegetables. I learn how to use heavy machines. I learn how to adapt and get along with nature. I learn how to build a duck coop. I learn how to... It has been just only a month. I still have 2 more months to stay. I know that I'm going to learn so many more.

Before, I was an empty, useless and pointless young boy, struggling my life underneath a high-pressured society. I thought this was just an escape plan, but I was wrong. It's the only way out.