In the last two weeks of July, I participated in “Saving Our Home” workcamp in Hong Kong. When I first arrived, I joint the welcoming party and made a lot of friends from different countries. Some of the volunteers are from Taiwan and Korea whereas some are local people. I also met many villagers. The villagers prepared different Hong Kong food for us. It was very delicious! We sang songs together and had a wonderful time. For the next few days, we started working in the farm. We removed the weeds and took care of the morning glory. Working in the farm is not easy because it is very hot in Hong Kong. I sweated a lot but still I enjoyed so much. I learnt more about the farming methods in Hong Kong which helps me to improve my farming skills. I believe these skills are very useful for my farming jobs in Thailand.

For the second week, I mainly worked on the renovation of the village. All of us repaired the roads and painted the chairs and roads together. I felt very excited and happy that we could use my own imagination and effort to complete the repairing work. After finishing our work, everyone was very satisfied with our work!

Every night after work, we shared our culture to each other. Everyone presented their costume, national flags and history. When I presented Thailand, I felt very proud of my own country and I was very proud to introduce this lovely country to other people. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to learn more about other countries. The presentation broadens my horizon as I got to know more about other countries in other perspectives whereas before, I only knew them from the news and internet.

Every week we had a day off for travelling in different places in Hong Kong. I went to the peak, Stanley, Temple Street, Victoria Harbour and many beautiful attractions. It was quite surprising to me that Hong Kong is actually hotter than Thailand. The weather here is very wet as well as hot which makes people sweat a lot. The weather is a kind of cultural shock to me. However, I love Hong Kong people very much. They are very kind to us. They also spent a lot of time to travel with us and bring us much food. I am very pleased for their help. If I have time, I wish to come again but in winter.

Gear, Thitiwut Srijanngam