Happy: Capacity Training by Tucky

My name is Tucky. I am a teacher. I work in Non-formal and Informal education Center. I am 34 years old. Three years ago, I was not brave to speak English until I joined in English class of my office and meet the volunteer from Volunteer Spirit Association (VSA). I tried to speak with them. After that my family applied to be host family of VSA. VSA gave me the opportunity to attended the event. International training course for trainers and facilitators or training to youth development, and those who work with youth. This was one of the Happy project: Youth in Action Program of the European Commission held from 5 - 12 September 2559 at the town of Lorca, Spain. I was so excited.

I learned how to get visa. VSA supported all of papers it made everything so easy. I met the other fellow travelers at the airport on my trip. Getting to know each other and started trip. We took more than 24hours on the way. Finally we arrived Lorca. We met Jurga she is the volunteer of CAZALLA. She took us to accommodation CAZALLA INTERCULTURAL.

The first day of training, We met new friends from different countries, We tried to remembered the name with the games. It is very fun and making everyone remembering all of new friends. The staff explained the purpose of the project, including rules to live together in this project and the division responsible for everything.

In Lorca, breakfast is at 9:00 am. The event starts at 10:00 am., with two hours of lunch break. And finish the event at 20.00.

One day we woke up early and went out to explore the city of Lorca appears that very few people quietly go out to a cafe nearby. To ordering coffee or drinks, Local people speak Spanish. No one spoke English at all.

The training focused on how to work together. Sharing experience of each country. Also situation of youth worker and technical to work with youth.

The third night of the Cultural Night activities are costumes and performances of each country. Exchange of art and culture Everyone was very full make up. We were singing and dancing and having fun together.

The last day of training was evaluation. Everyone really appreciate all the feedback. Everyone has experience to the development the way to work with youth. And bringing the knowledge and activities ideas into their country.