EVS Charger Project


Welcome to my fourth month of Spain life and Summer School !

This month started with mid-term evaluation which was in Malaga. The program took 3 days which help you reflect on what was happening so far in our projects and what you want to do next or after the project. It´s nice to have some time off to thinking about yourself and also knowing about other volunteers. The best part is to exchange and share the experience with other volunteer. As always I didn't have enough time to know everyone because this time we have about 50 people.

And for the summer school, We have more short term volunteers for this project. They are from different country including Vietnam, Uruguay, Poland, Germany, Columbia and local volunteers from Spain as well. We face many challenge during the project due to many things such as languages, some of us speak only English, some only speak Spanish and luckily some speak both. Beside the languages, with the kids are even harder because in the summer school we´re also have kids that not speak Spanish so we need to find the way in order to communicate in other way. Another challenge is sometime the activities we planned is not work with the kids so we always need to adapt due to the situation. At the end we're all learn from each other.

Also Summer here's totally in the next level beside the heat, some shops are also closed for the whole month which can always give me a surprise sometime. Another thing I like of summer in the movie/activities outdoor even though they're always have dubbing movie on but it's nice activities to do together at night. Especially now we have more people so activities always been fun.