ZOO Project

We stay in the Songkhla zoo 2 months, were two months to live, work, eat, rest as their way but also was a laugh time.. a lot of simple and funny jokes...

The zoo is located in a city called Songkhla and in the top of a hill. They have a lot of species and open everyday since 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

We worked with the researching team and is made by 10 people including two really friendly students but just one speak enough English to a conversation, the rest can be understand by a little of English, Thai, draws and funny faces.

The work is basically feed and clean the animals, but the last will depends of the water and the food depends on the keeper`s schedule (there are animals that don`t need to be feed everyday).

Usually the food storage part have a lot of work but start at 7:30 and finish early because they give the food to the keepers and after that all is their responsibility. If you want to help with any animal is available but always asking before to the team for fit it with the activities of the day (for the team and the keepers)

Also the team have a lot of study research but not always take so much time and it is the same in the hospital. One of research is for control the population of wild monkeys in the area, because the zoo is at the side of the forest so is the first point area for them to find food and water if it is lacking in the forest. And it is becoming a problem because there are too much monkeys can be dangerous for the healthy and the safety of visitors, workers and animals so they are studying the way to control their numbers without damage the animals, their living space and behavior. We meet a veterinary who's came from Bangkok for helping with that. It was pretty interesting person to talk to.

Others researchs are to help the conservation and development of mountain giant frog, lizards, Malaysian tapir, and two species of wild small cats (like fishing cat and flat headed cat). For those, we helped to create an area the most near to the natural life for their happiness and reproduction!!!

We had the lucky to participate all of that.

We think it is a super interesting protect for those who have a lot of patient for planning day by day, perfect for helping to clean in rainy season, and those who love the sightseen and can fight with the hot and mosquitoes. Could be not so good for people that want to touch the animals, because the most of them are wild and consequently aggressive and the keepers are not responsible to take care of you, we are totally agreed with that.

By Karla Amador Alonso from Mexico and Charlotte Peyronnenc from France