VSA1702 Peace Village 2 – Nakhon Ratchasima

I wanted to join Workcamp in the following three reasons. First I wanted to communicate with other countries friends. Our cultures or languages are different but I believed that we would have the same thinking. So I wanted to find out that during Workcamp. Second I have interested in volunteer works. My country Korea is the only country that change from received the aid to give the aid. So I wanted to share our aid, too. Third I wanted to feel the real culture in that country. I like traveling, but it is hard to know their real things by just visiting their sightseeing. So I had a expectation that I can feel their real culture in Workcamp. This Workcamp was suited to my expectation. First of all, I could share various thinking with global friends. We had lots of talking about our dreams, family, friends, countries, global issues and even loves. I could know that our thinking or worry is not that different. Meanwhile I could feel the difference of cultures also. We always had cook and eat together, and we can recognize that which country’s friend can eat spicy food or which country’s friend like oily food, something like that.

And it was really nice time that spent in Baan Krok Luek Primary school. We had teaching volunteer works usually in that school. We prepared the class by having a idea meeting. It was exiting to share our ideas and think about how can we improve their class. We used various games to teach for easy and funny learn. Students loved our classes so it was pleasure to us. And we had school repairing works too, like painting. It was not easy to paint under the hot sun. But students wanted to help us by shading the sun or washing our hands that got dirty by paint. I was so moved on their pure mind.

Also I could feel the real thailand during the Workcamp. I met thai people at schools and our home family. They always smile to me and give me a hand. I could know that how kind and sweet thai people are. We made thai dishes together, so I could know thai’s food. We lived in thai’s home and visited a temple and funeral, so I could know thai’s life. On weekends we went to camping and went to Khao Yai national park, so I could know thai’s environments.

It was really great experience. I learned a lot of things and I also learned about myself. Especially, I met really nice friends. We shared our memory together and I will never forget it.