VSA1315 Agriculture camp, Songkhla

5—17 August 2013

The 1st week of the camp in Kamnung’s house

1. Farm Observation

First week, we stayed in local agriculture philosopher Kamnung’s house. We had time to observe his farm. We got to pick up organic vegetables for our meals such as tomatoes, lettuces, cabbages. Kamnung introduced a new method called hydro-farming as well as his rubber trees. We really enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere at his farm.

2. Agriculture Fair

Agriculture fair is a major event for Kamnung and this is the third year he has joined the fair. We helped him with the decoration for the fair. Our tasks included arranging plants, watering, setting up name tags and labels for each plant, as well as trying to help Kamnung sell his plants. We got to see various kinds of plants and interacted with many customers. We also enjoyed a variety of good and activities that the fair offered.

3. Sightseeing

One of our favorite moments of the camp is the short visit to Hat Yai Park and floating market. We experienced local food and drinks and emerged in Thai culture and lifestyle. The sunset view on the hill in Hay Yai Park was beautiful. Watching the sun go down and the city lighting up, we realized how peaceful and calm this place is. A few days after we took a trip to Nakonsrithamarat for swimming. The beach is picturesque with white sands, clear water and lovely mountains around.

The 2nd week of the camp in the Peace Village

1. Organic Farming

We carried tires from the parking area to the farm. First we cut one part of the front, and then we put some of wood sticks to prevent the soil and added dried coconut skin to stock water. Finally we mixed with composed soil and plant a lot of different seeds in each tires.

2. Food Exchange

Our group was composed with 4 nations which are Japan, Korea, France and Vietnam. We cooked each night to experience our country food with other volunteers who are from different background.

3. Meeting the local people

One day some of volunteers went to the Technical College, which is located in the central Hat Yai, to teach English. We played some games with around 60 students. Some of them were shy but it was a good first teaching experience.

Another day around 15 adult students from Non-Formal Education Songkhla, came to the Peace Village to practice their English, farming skills and cooking some of Thai food for the volunteers. It was a good moment to share about our different culture.