VSA1314 Renovation Camp

For this short camp we had the goal to fix the dormitory in Peace Village. I did not expect it to be so hard but I had a great experience. To begin we wanted to clean the way from the road to peace village with my wonderful team from over the world we cut the grass and tried to make something beautiful.

The day after, it was the turn of the canteen. The tree grew too fast and we wanted to have some lights so we cut some branch and rearrange our life area it was a big but we was so proud to have made something good.

The third day we separated our group between Kuansamet School and Watjareonrat School to help the local people by teaching English. It was great and everybody enjoyed the experience.

Friday, after a long week of work it was time to take a rest. A Buddhist ceremony took place not so far from Hat Yai. It was really funny we took a boat to go to two temples so we had the chance to see how it works. It was like an introduction to the Thai culture.

The next day was teaching but this time in peace village, students came in our camp to learn English. In the morning, it was the youngest and in the afternoon the older. It is impressive how they are happy to learn English and pay attention at what we said.

Sunday, Some Thai volunteers took us from peace village to show us Songkhla and some part of the Thai culture like food, old city and the beach. We had good time with everybody the sun, the beach everything was perfect.

But the time to work arrived again, so we began to fix the dormitory. For dormitory we did painting the wood with wood protection and we change the bad wood .The dormitory work is done in the second week. And is time to say good bye coming……….

Thomas MLTV from July - August

and VSA1314 campers 15—27 July