VSA1311 Education/Creative English camp-Songkhla


  • Ban Pukhla school, this school we just go only one day and it’s the first school for us.
  • Wat Kokmung school we went onMonday Tuesday and Wednesday.And this school we go many time more than another school.
  • Ban Kuan Kob school we went every Thursday. Student and teacher very nice.
  • ICL @ Peace village on Saturday we teaching together with MLTV volunteers at Peace village.


During the camp we have a lot of activities to did together we did Kayaking at Trang the another province,we went to Khohong Hill , Floating market, Songkla walking street, Monkey temple, Water fall, Samila beach, Hatyai night market Green way market and we went to Padangbezar for visit local people, visit school and went to Kawrubchang temple.

WE are Volunteers…………………………….

2 weeks passed quickly. Many people from many countries. Come together to did good for Thai students. We are have differences cultural but are not a barrier to getting good. At this camp, I could met a good friend good people.2 week passed we did a lot of good. We taught English to many schools. I was so happy to meet with student and share a good feelings. Give a good experiences for Thai student. And I have experience of this camp also. This camp I was Camp leader the first time. It is hard to make the perfect camp. But I did the best I can. In my camp I have 4 volunteers who come from Korea and Japan. They gave me learn a lot. During taught we have a lot of problem but we can pass together.

MOMOKA,CHA,AYU,JERRY thank you for coming, And thank you for everything you did for me.

Ava, camp leader