VSA1308 Renovation Peace Village Camp

15-27 April 2013

First day, for renovation camp. I’m so excited for joining this camp. And I’ was so happy and glad to meet all of volunteers in renovation camp there are volunteers come from Japanese and Korean. In the morning we went to bought woods and some materials for building the bridge.

In the afternoon we got lots of problem because we all did not have experience about how to building the bridge but we tried to discuss and made a draft plan as we can do for the hard work on next day.

Second day, actually we planed to starting build the new bridge but we got barrier which is raining, so we decided to changed our plan to clean dormitory and bathroom. We wiped and blushed on dormitory floor and cleaned down stair.

There were volunteers from Klonghae temple camp joined us of their last three days

After that, we decided to make liquid detergent for washing even though it is not too hard for work, but it is very interested.

Third day, there were many volunteers joined us so we separated in 4 teams, cleaning team, organic farm team, weed elimination team and bridge building team.

Forth Day, we got man power who joined building team so it was so powerful. The job was running so fast and we sure that we could have new bridge on the next day.

Fifth day, we had three teams, weeds elimination, cleaning and cooking team for whole day.

On the weekend we went to Songkhla Beach, Water fall, down town and second week we visited the Royal Farm. One day, we got accident, the hut was burned because we tried to displace beehives from the triple huts and five huts where we were going to clean but unfortunately, it was burned, we all volunteers in the Peace village was so alarmingly, we helped to stop fire by take the water from cannel but finally it was burned for one room. Luckily that nobody was injured.

This situation learned us to be careful when we use fire in the wooden place.

At last, we worked very hard in our camp, we got so many problem with working barrier and team relationship but finally it was ending by learning and sharing together.

Renovation campers

decided that the cooking team only focused on cooking for everyone for 2 meal and 2 snacks time.