VSA1302 Renovation/Peace Village Sustainable Camp 14-26/01 by Park

My memorable event at the peace village…

Hello. I’m Park (Jun-Kyu Park)

I’m from south korea I was volunteer for VSA1302 in Peace Village that had been held two weeks (14th Jan to 26th Jan 2013)

The 1st day of workcamp, I wait for volunteer person with me in HatYai Train station

In there I met Kyo(Korea), Lily(French), Bird(workcamp Leader), Katja(MLTV) and we go to Peace Village on Songtaew (that is similar Korea taxi)

We arrived Peace Village, five more people Axelle(Belgium), Cyril(Belgium), Marc(French), ChiFat(Hong Kong), Mi-hyeon(Korea) and we met Thai People Tum, Neung, Nirat.

1st day pass in worry about workcamp life

From Next day we started clean the Peace Village, watering in organic Farm every day

We painted for protected woods, fixed foot spring board and raised plant (morning glory) and teached for school student and teached for non-formal school student

In Friday and Sunday we had a free time that we go to SongKhla beach, Monkey Temple, Water fall in HatYai

Usual Peace Village life is good, however free time experience are another memories enshrined in my heart

Two weeks are short time, but important memories for me

In Peace Village memory kept in my life forever which give me a fantastic memory

I really missed all people, who is Bird, Tum, Nueng, Nirat, Axelle, Katja, Marc, Chifat, Cyril, Lily, Mi-hyeon, Hyun Kyo…..

Recollect the two weeks…

Thanks for Peace Village and Thai and I met the all people