VSA1301 Education/Creative English camp 07-19/01

Thailand is very an amazing country. Because this VSA is my first time in Thailand. I met many people who come from many countries in peace village. They are very kind of me. So I’m very happy! Bowwe is very funny guy. Katja and Axelle are my best friend in peace village.

We talk about many thing . Axelle and me practice Ukulele.

Chifat is kind guy. Tum is very kind of everyone.

Bird is very funny. Because when he see me, he always sing the song “What’s your name, tell me

what’s your name”

Neung is very nice girl. She can speak to Korean. And she like Korea idol star.

First day, I didn’t understand English. But the others helped me. So after few days, I understand English. First week, I’m the only Korean. Second week, many Korean came here. So I could finally speaking with someone.

My project is education. So I went teaching in school. There were many children. They are very very

very cute!!! But they are very loud. I told them “stop. Be quiet!!. “

And I had to dancing GANGNAM STYLE in school.

Teaching is very difficult to me, but it is very nice and interesting experience and weekend I went to hatyai with Katja, Axelle, Marc, Chifat. We walk around hatyai and shopping. I was very happy to see a lot of things. 2 weeks very quickly. And I’ll never fotget this experience. Thank you very much.

Mihyeon LEE from Korea