VSA1213 Construction/School Renovation Camp by Won Jo

I arrived in meeting point my heart was throbbing with expectation. And I surprised everything because It is my first time in Thailand. Bowve is very funny and I met many nice people. Katja is kind and cheerful. First is nice boy but always kidding me. Ann is always funny. I feel happy as in VSA almost everyone singing and dancing every day. First time was not adapted in Thai culture, now feel comfortable.

I enjoyed a lot to learn Traditional Thai dancing when we got the chance to see the performance and it was really interesting because we could learn the dance afterward. I appreciated the dancer gave me the flowers as a present. Bowve is nice bringing us to Thai local market and I love it because there were a lot of delicious food, special items and many people. I bought head massage tool in local market. Everybody liked it

A lot of people make me happy. thank you so much everybody. certainly I miss here.

Won Jo, South Korea

VSA1213 08– 20 October