VSA1213  Construction/School Renovation Camp by Jun

I was late to arrive at meeting point on time, because I mistook the airport. So I was late for 1.5 hours. But Bowve and Rich said me that don’t mind. I was glad to hear that. They take me to Peace Village by VIP car. I like VIP car.

I met many people who are very nice. Thai volunteer taught many Thai languages and how to introduce myself. They are kind and funny. So they make me happy. I love everyone live in Peace Village. I can’t keep in touch with Japanese friends here, but there are many foreign friends. So I don’t feel lonely.

Everyday I could learn Thai culture and other country’s cultures. It is very fun for me to experience I can’t in Japan. For example, local market and temple and Thai food and so on. And we went to school to paint playground equipment and made bamboo fence and chair.

I can’t express my gratitude into words for Tum and Bowve. They are very kind for us! When I imagine to leave here, I feel sad. I want to come here again.

Jun, Japan

VSA1213 08– 20 October