VSA1213 Construction/School Renovation Camp by Jaeyoon

With some of worry and expectation, we arrived at the Hatyai train station early in the morning. And several hours later, finally we met Rich and Bowve. It was the start of this camp.

From the first day in VSA camp, every moment has remained as unforgettable memory in my mind and heart. I never have experienced like these before. Life in this camp was really close to what I have dreamed whenever I get tired about my daily routine. Washing my clothes by myself with my hands, cooking meals together and experiencing totally different culture from mine entirely refreshed me!

Waking up around 7 o’clock in the morning, we have done lots of programs like renovating a school, making Bamboo chairs and stairs, teaching children and working in the Royal farm. All of these activities were entirely new things for me. I never have done this before and without this camp, perhaps I never would have done like this in my whole life.

Actually living in the place where I’m living now in my country, I didn’t believe that I could live without computer or internet. But now I even feel so good. This camp makes me know what’s more important. I feel thanks about this.

In the morning, we could learn about Thai culture with local people and in the evening, we could share each other’s culture together. I really appreciate Bowve and Tum’s effort to lead us and their devotion.

Jaeyoon, South Korea

VSA1213 08– 20 October