VSA 1703-1 Ban Din Na - Krabi Workcamp

Between 13th and 24th of March we were living in Ban Din Na School in south of Krabi province.

Lovely place where we did a lot of super interesting things. Teaching and playing English games with pupils (Fruit basket game rules), participating in Scouts Camp (dancing Macarena in front of scouts, their parents and teachers - I hope all of them had as much fun as we had), doing some constructions, fundraising in local market and painting some games for children on floor in front of the school (thanks money gained on local market we could buy paints and brushes, rest we donated to the school).

I found kids there really kind and cheerful - always smiling, ready to help us and truly interested in us. Also teachers and locals were so nice and supportive, they even took as in our free time to Emerald Pool, beach at Andaman Sea, Hot Waterfall and Saline Hot spring (sic!, maybe it’s hard to imagine but here in Thailand, with those 30 degrees outside there are hot springs, visited not only by tourists but also by locals. To the last one we went at 4 am but still it was mega hot). At the end both teachers and students made special dinner for us with, among others, grilled fish and kind or traditional Thai crepes.

Those two weeks were great also because of the time we could spend in rural place, somewhere between palm and rubber tree forests. We had unique possibility to have a look into „real” Thai life. We could see how does the mentality, way of thinking and living of people here look like. I’m sure it was important experience.