VSA1312 Education in Trang

Coming to a foreign country for a volunteer service, I was very excited. When we first came to school, we realized that there were many students who do not know how to speak English but only basic sentences to carry some simple conversations. From the 1st grade to 6th grade, we introduced ourselves and tried to see their fluency in English. After our first day, we came to conclusion that we have to start from very basic steps such as introducing one’s self, colors, body parts, etc!

The kids in upper grade knew some vocabularies but did not know how to actually pronounce and use them to conversation. So we went over some important sentences and words for main body parts and types of colors. Some kids showed us excellent.

Since the kids in our school were relatively young, we also taught them many fun songs so they can learn about different family members, weathers, and how to introduce themselves. We first sang the songs in front of the kids and had them to repeat them with some simple and fun dance moves. In that way, the kids learned the song very fast and some of them were able to use the songs for actual conversation.

Yeonah Korean, Nao Japanese and Bell, Thai