Volunteering in Thailand by Leng Jiao Zhu


This was my first time to be a volunteer and to visit Thailand. Everything is interesting for me. Before I go I am not sure what volunteers should be done. However when I arrived, I met many friends coming from different countries. We worked together and stayed together. We share everything with each other. Moreover we had many activities here such as teaching, revolution and building a road in the foresting. Local people were very kind. They helped us complete our jobs and they cooked local food for us. I have fun here and I also learn a lot of thing which I cannot know from books.


In the first month I stayed in the learning home which was like a central of volunteering. We lived here and went out to work in the daytime.

Sometimes we worked in temple helping them preparing the festive and taught student English.

We went to the forest which was in the national park to build a road for children to climb the mountain.

We also taught English in primary school and kindergarten. Children there are very lovely. We taught them simple English and played game with them

In the second month I worked in the museum helping translate documents into Chinese. Sometime I went to local university to give them presentation to introduce my country and my culture. I also worked as a tour guide introduces the museum to visitors.

As it is Thai New Year, we joined an event which is to celebrate the New Year. During the event, local people took bath for Bodhisattva and then the old people would give wish to young people. Finally they watched Thai traditional dancing and had meal together.

Leisure Time

Every weekend was free time for us. We went out for travel in Thailand. I went to Krabi with another volunteer. Krabi is a famous travel place in Thailand. There are many islands and beautiful beaches. We spent two days there and we went to swim, diving and we saw wonderful sunset on the island.

In the second month, I went to the lotus. The lotuses are blooming in this season. Because of hot weather, they only open in the morning from 6am to 10am.