Uncle UFUK in ICL Klongla


i everyone,

I am UFUK OZTURK from USA, originally from Turkey. I am 51 years old and self-employed as an ice cream vendor.

I decided to take part in teaching English as a second language in Thailand’s rural area schools where don’t have a big budget to hire ESL Teachers and have less opportunity to meet native English speakers.

At first, I was pretty much concerned about my teaching experience, which I had none other than that I deal with children due to the nature of my business.

When arrived here at VSA, I was welcomed with Mr.Tum and his warm staff. We became a team right away and started working together at local schools (Elementary level) We had other volunteers joined in some short periods, I had a great chance to work with wonderful, sincere ,hardworking and inspiring people. To mention some names, Teacher Kate and Teacher Gao, Teacher Pong.

During my time here, we did English Camps at far away schools where we got a great feedback unconditional love, amazing welcome and huge respect.

We also taught English to the local people at Learning Home on every Saturday. It is like one on one teaching, participants are not too many but regulars on each class.

Lately, we did conversational English teaching in a different town. Adults are eager to learn English and I see a growing demand for native English speakers.

We had some quality time together, had so much fun things together. Work was eased by some fun. We made daily trips to various natural and historical places, of course some time on the beaches.

I am so happy to be part of this project, which I strongly advise everybody who is interested in teaching. You reach out and touch other hearts. I will miss the moments I spent throughout the camp period.

I also give big appreciation to Mr.Tum who helped me get a host family. I call them my family; they made feel the member of family. They are one of the best people I ever met in Thailand. Kind, hospitable, polite, sharing, giving, simply amazing people.

At last, I would like to say, “Please, make your plans for volunteering and go make a difference wherever you plan to be “You will come back home with unforgettable sweet memories.