Two month of volunteering at PV

Our project consisted in the renovation and construction of the centers’ facilities. We are two French girls with some knowledge and skills but full of energy and energy and motivation!

Scared of nothing, we started each task with the goal in mind to be successful, whatever happens!

This project allowed us to touch many things, either harmers, nails and saws or paint. With all those tools, we did a lot of things, some of them only to make this place more beautiful, but also to make it efficient and safe (painting walls and bathrooms, sorting out and reorganizing the toolshed, building stairs and bridge, making a new roof, fixing shelves…). Because all the accommodations here are mainly made of wood, we principally worked with this material, but we also needed to treat it against insects or weather damages.

Fortunately, our team became bigger thanks to a workcamp and the help of local and international volunteers. Then, with more people, we had been able to start bigger projects, like the renovation of the dormitory.

Even if I was here for a construction project, my best working memories are the “destruction action”! I also appreciated all the moments during our free time, discovering and learning more about Thai culture, spending time with local people.

A lot of sweat, challenges and doubts but also and especially a lot of fun and achieved projects ! Don’t worry, we left some work for others volunteers, there is still many things to do!

Camille, 22 years old

MLTV1102 March - April 2012