My volunteer friend, Emma and I had the idea to travel a bit more in the south of Thailand so we could see the beauty and diversity of this country! Because the south is very well-known for its islands and beaches we decide to explore by ourselves the islands. We first started our trip in Ko Lipe, one of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen! I think it looks exactly like the place to celebrate your honeymoon! When we arrived at the place we decided that this would be the place to make a snorkeling day! The snorkeling was amazing; we really saw many fishes of every kind of shape and color! I even found Nemo in an anemone! After 3 days we decide to continue our trip in a different Island. We arrived in Trang and stayed there one night because the boat to the island Ko Mook just left in the morning (that is because of the low season, in high season there are considerably more boat transfer). The next day we arrived in Ko mook , a really special island for me where there the vegetation reminds me of Tarzan of the jungle. We decided to visit by kayak the emerald cave, and I must say that is was one of the most splendid things I’ve ever seen. We went there when there were no people, and I really recommend to go there when they are not so many tourist. However we finished our trip in Tonsai bay, (next to Railey Beach , not to be misunderstood with Tonsai village on Ko Phi Phi) this destination was discovered by chance and we just loved it! We didn’t actually knew that it was the paradise for climbers, but when we saw all the amazing cliffs which surrounded

Tonsai Bay we understood how great it must be to be on top! Emma and I did our very first climbing course, and even if the next day our body was in pain this sport made us want to practice it more in the future! Tonsai was also the places where we met really nice backpackers, we spend our evening on the beach in the “pirate” bar where we could enjoy nice music sang by a really talented Thai singer! Back from our trip, we felt happy to have lived this travel experience but we were also gratefully to be back in our sweet home: peace village!


Hatyai - Ko Lipe:

R Hatyai Minivan station to Pakbara peer (2 hours by Minivan)

R Pakbara peer to Ko Lipe (2 hours by boat)

Ko Lipe – Trang – Ko Mook:

R Ko Lipe to Pakbara peer (2 hours by boat)

R Pakbara to Trang ( by minibus)

R Trang to Ko Mook ( 30 min by long tail boat)

Trang – Krabi – Ao Nang – Tonsai:

R Trang Minivan station to Krabi (by minibus)

R Krabi to Ao Nang (20 min by Tuk Tuk of Songthae )

R Ao Nang beach peer to Tonsai bay (10 min by longtail boat, but you have to wait till the boat is filled with 8 people)

R Ao Nang Minivan station to Hatyai (~ 5 hours by minivan)

Isabelle, France

September - November 2012