Thien, first time in Thailand

In Belgium when we talk about Thailand we think about paradise. But now I can say that it is true thanks to landscapes, mentality, culture but also and mainly thanks to Thai people. All people I met here are so kind, helpful and always smiling. It represents a big difference with Europe. Moreover they are very interested in other people and are trying to talk with me despite languages barrier.

For my first week with VSA I had the chance to join different projects and to participe in few of them. I tried to teach English to children, I visited the Songkhla Zoo and temples and so on. Thanks to that I met other volunteers and we shared their experience together. It was a real pleasure to listen to their stories and their plans. Volunteers are like a family for me since we are thinking in the same way and trying to raise peace all over the world. Now I am definitely sure I want to work for Cooperation and development.

The next weeks I began my own project. The first one at Wat Klong hae temple. I had the opportunity to discover thai culture and religion with Khong, a thai volunteer, and the monks. I participated to a festival by joining the decoration team and I really enjoyed this life in the temple.

After this project I joined another one at Rajabhat University. The purpose was to learn about agriculture in Thailand. It was very interesting since I never did that before in Belgium. Finally I met all the students and they became my friends. For some of them they are like my Thai family especially Lee, Phit, Chi, Sak and Professor Lek. I spent all my time with them learning Thai language and visiting all places at Songkhla. I am grateful to meet them and I know I can see them whenever I want in Thailand. They are my brothers now.

It is really hard for me to explain in details all my feelings about my experience in Thailand. But I will deeply keep all this moments in my heart forever. Finally I would like to thank VSA, Tum, Gate, all the volunteers and all my new friends for this unforgettable experience.

Thank you all, thank you Thailand !!! : Thien