the most difficult month” - he said.

Here I am, at the end of my second month in Thailand. I still remember when, during the first orientation week, we were told that the second month is supposed to be the most difficult one, as the curiosity for the new country and the new culture starts to be replaced by routine.

Actually, it's true. In the last month I've started having a kind of routine, but I like it!

06:45 waking up

07:30 leaving for school

08-08:30 breakfast at school

08:30-11:30 teaching time

11:30-12:30 lunch time at school

12:30-14:30 preparing classes for the following day

14:30 -15:30 teaching time

16:30/17 back at home

17-18:30 free time

18:30-19 dinner time

19-19:30/20 homework with my host brother (sometimes)

20-23 free time

Therefore, even if I'm good in dealing with unexpected events, I like organization and planning, sometimes even too much! Having a schedule, after one month of “sabai sabai” style, is simply wonderful. It helps me in better exploiting my free time.

Teaching English at the Kindergarten.

I teach with a French volunteer, Mailys. We are a great time, very well balanced, in my opinion, and children seem to enjoy our classes. The part of the day I like the most is classes planning! I have so much fun in exploring and experimenting games and activities for teaching English in a non-formal way suggested on Pinterest or other websites. Anyway, more than about the activities, children are interested about us: falan (foreigner) white teachers, with curly hair and nose different from theirs. They speak so much with us, unfortunately in Thai, using gesture and pointing different things not much to know their name in English but just to listen to us speaking, and repeating the things' names is Thai. They are young but already know what a fair exchange is!