The Memory of Ruby Sacklyn

The Memory of Ruby Sacklyn, British volunteer in ICL camp at RPK school 24, Phayao Thailand 1-19 July 2022.

"A month full of beaming smiles, laughs and learning about the Thai way of life. Living and teaching in a boarding school for a month has been so interesting; hearing the kids wake up at 4:30 to go on their morning run, helping them plant vegetables to grow and sell, buying dinner (papaya salad that was to spicy for me!) from the school market, playing badminton with them in the evenings, watching them prepare for dance competitions, hiking in the near by jungle with the students and so many more amazing experiences. I’ve mainly taught 16-18 year olds which has been great fun and no where near as daunting as I expected it to be, the students are all so eager to get involved unless they’re asleep on the table from getting up so early! Seeing some students confidence to speak to us grow over the month has been rewarding and the relationships we’ve built with them are amazing. My confidence at speaking in front of others has also improved hugely after this month of teaching. The school has been so welcoming and helped us out whenever needed. On weekends we’ve visited near by cities (Chang Rai and Chang Mai), visited waterfalls and spent a day with elephants. It has been a fabulous experience I will never forget."