Thai-Indonesia Bilateral Camp

The story from teacher of the Indonesia student group about Thai-Indonesia Bilateral Workcamp 10-16 September 2015 at Songkhla zoo Thailand. After lay back from Thailand she send her memory to VSA.


were set up on the journey to Songkhla International Airport for our workcamp in Songkhla Zoo, Thailand. Fourteen of us were happy as well as proud to finally finish our preparation to go abroad. Parents blessed us a very safe and happy journey before we took our way to Adi Soemarmo Airport, in Solo. We were really excited for what awaits us in our destination.

Right before sunset we were arrived at Hatyai International Airport and wait for our Camp leader, Ms. Jam, to pick us up. We took Songtaew and it took around two hours to our campsite. On our side view we could see a beautiful and quiet Songkhla city in that located at the south of Thailand. It was such amazing scenery. We saw a mosque too, since on the south of Thailand, there were still several Moslem because of the influence of Malaysian as their neighboring Country.

Our campsite located inside Songkhla Zoo. We used or first day rest and enjoy the atmosphere of Thailand. We agreed that some of us will write a diary to express what we felt during the day. The following is the impression of the student named Farras Daffa Arfastya.

“I was really excited, because this will be my first journey to go abroad. We met at the school at 12 midnight so that we don’t miss our flight in the morning. I am so proud of myself that I can witness other country by my own eyes. I also can practice my English with some people there. I want to make friends” - Farras (14 years old)

The next day we worked with local staff. We were divided into three groups. First group cleaned the hall, the second group joined the activity with visitor, and the third group prepared the animal show. The day was quite hard since we also needed to cover a huge area of the zoo to do the orientation. After that we also saw a Tiger Show. It was fascinating experience.

“Dear Diary, I am Manda. Today at 9 a.m. we came together in Songkhla Zoo office. We had brief discussion with the chief of the zoo. After that we cleaned the hall with Dhila and Mr. Jene. At first, I was sad knowing that we were separated with other group, but after we finished our work, the zoo staff gave us a drink for free! *rotfl *Hmmm~ Now I am VERY VERY HAPPY! ^^. At 10 pm Farras, Naufal, Yesika, and the others shared and talked until our bed time. I hope tomorrow going to be fantastic!” – Amanda (13 years old)

Thaksin University was the university that will have activity together with us. It was close to the campsite. It took half an hour to reach the destination. The Thaksin University student showed us several Thai dances and Muay Thai. There was also one Japanese volunteer that showed us Soranbushi Dance. We showed them handicraft, food and culture from Blora. After that we went to traditional market to buy some souvenirs and eat our dinner.

“Hi, this is Kevin writing diary. Today was our BIG day because we had a lot of FUN in Thaksin University. We played fun games after introduction about Indonesia and Blora.

We went to the beach after the activity and it took around 30 minutes. We walked to the market and buy some souvenirs. Fawwas was really happy because his buddy from Thaksin University gave him a bracelet. We were all happy because we can meet amazing brothers from Thaksin University. Today’s words: THIS IS UNFORGETTABLE MEMORY.” Kevin Sean (13 years old)

The representatives of Embassy of Indonesia paid us a visit. They congratulated us for being able to visit Thailand to do very good activities. They also wished us a good time for the rest of the workcamp. After that we went to visit some animal shows. We closed the activity after we visited the Water Park and swimming.

“Name: don’t ask (It’s Ito - Red). Today I watched three animal shows. They are Survival of the Wild Life, Seal Show, and Tiger Feeding Show. After that we went to the swimming pool. My eyes hurt. Mr. Jene brought me an ice cream” - Ito (13 years old)

The last day we cooked Indonesian food for local people. They loved it. We also met Nara from Japan, Andrea from Spain, Richard from Thailand and Aline from Belgium. We visited their camp to say goodbye. In the afternoon we arrived at Malaysia. We went to souvenir store and bought some other souvenirs for our friends and parents. There was a haze at that time but it would not stop us on buying some souvenirs.

The Next day, we landed safely in Semarang, Indonesia. We bid a farewell to Mr. Jene, Our Group Leader. After that we went back to Blora.