Sustainable Development & Alternative Energies

On Friday the 8th of March 2012 we organized a visit to the local Sustainable Development Center with P’Tum and the four long term volunteers. After a professional and informative presentation of their projects & activities, Mr. Tavon Boonsre (director of the center) took us out “on the field”. There we can see different machines, installations and processes to produce various energies: coal, gas, heat or even fuel!

For the organic farm at Peace Village we are particularly interested by the bicycle pump. The daily watering of the farm every morning and evening with watering cans is tiring and takes a lot of time. Also, with the goal in mind of becoming self-sufficient, we will have to extend the farm, so we will need an irrigation system soon or later. Further ideas we could implement at Peace Village are a solar drying box for vegetables and fruits, an oven-style barbecue, an improvement of our lighting (in addition to energy-saving bulbs, more brightness through reflection) and a natural gas production system from compost.

Because life is expensive and natural resources are limited, it is a priority to save energy and find alternatives to oil, electricity, commercial gas…

Schools, temples, villages and communities, like our at Peace Village, can obtain all the information needed for free and use these new technologies (or improved traditional methods) in their everyday life.

We hope that this first visit is the start of a long-term cooperation between this governmental institute and VSA.

For more information please visit or contact the Sustainable Development Center to arrange a visit. Ph: 022 23 0021

Aude, 28 years old, France