Su Jeong , Kang from Korea

Hello, l’m Su Jeong , Kang from Korea. I spent 2 weeks as a volunteer English teacher in Thailand elementary school. Before I come to Thailand, I heard that Thais are very kind and have a smiling face. I would meet kind and friendly people there. When I arrived our work camp, peace village 2 in Nakhon Ratchasima, I was looking forward to future events. First Day, we went to elementary school for education volunteer. When I say "Hello!", The students looked at me with a smiling face. I was able to see the purity and happiness of the students. Thai teachers are very kind and generous. I was able to learn a lot while teaching my children for two weeks. also, Painting was really fun and I was able to work well with my work camp friends. I experienced that volunteer is as much fun as it is hard. For two weeks, I could meet various friends and learn about Thai culture.

< Thai culture I learned >

1. Thais are very kind.

2. Thais have a smiling face.

3. Thais like spicy food.

4. Thais like noodle food.

5. Thais seldom use wastepaper.

6.Thais really love the king.

7.Thais love one other.

<Work camp good points>

1. You can meet various people.

2. You can accessible to various cultures.

3. You can learn more about the culture of the country.

4. You can learn many things.

5. You have the opportunity to develop on your own.

6. You can feel happy if we are together.

7. You can feel the importance of people.

Our team that we have been considering and giving way to one other for two weeks. I have been very thankful to all Thai friends who listened to me very well, Japanese friends who are very entertained, French who try to overcome cultural differences. Koreans have always been my strength. Everyone really had a lot to learn. So, I learned a lot from them. The most significant days in my life. I am really grateful to everyone. Thank you!!!