Story Telling September from Max Mittelstädt 

After a trip from Berlin to Frankfurt I met the first other volunteers that will also go to Thailand. After a quick greeting we already were on Good contidions with each other. After a few hours of waiting for the fly, we were at last on the plane to Thailand. After that the Journey began. After a long flight with a stop in Phuket we arrived in Bangkok, where we met the other 3 volunteers. From Bangkok there were one last flight before we got. to the school and that is the flight to Chiang Rai.

After we landed we were greeted at the airport by Kru Nui and P Tum and were taken to the Rajaprajanugroh 24 school. But because we arrived at night we couldn‘t see much, so the excitement for the next day were even higher thank at Night. After we slept long, we were seeing the school for the first time. The school was beautiful and much bigger than on the pictures and then I expected. For the first week we had like a introduction week with P Tum, where we learned habits of the Thai culture and also a little bit of Thai language. 

After the introduction week P Tum needed to go back, but not only P Tum needed to leave us but also two Volunteers that went to a other school, but that wasn‘t all, because on the Same day the Holiday for the Students began and they went back Home so after one week we where the only on in the school with the teachers. In the Rest of the September we went to different places. But the one Place that had like the biggest wow moment was when we where the first time in Chiang Rai, because it was the first time we were in a big City in Thailand. It was so different from the citys in Germany, so it was very astonishing. We Tried different local Food and went to visit many temples. But the think That was the most astonishing think was the walking street in Chiang Rai. It was crowdy but it was a nice feeling, like you had Food here and Food there but also like clothes, things for the phone. You had just everything that you went to get. I think that was the think I like the most in the first month of September. And I just looking forwards the next Months I will be in Thailand and what my life will be when I will Beginn Teaching.