Story Telling November from Max Mittelstädt 

Now after 3 Months i still habe to say that i really like it in Thailand and at my School, and because now we have School every day they is not much to tell about, at least that was what i thought at the beginning of November, but only because i completly forgot that we have to renew our Visa. And so we have a Story to Tell about. 

Then we needed to go to maylaysia. In the beginning we wanted to go to Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia to get our Visa, but because you need to aply for the Visa 2 weeks before arival we couldn’t Go to Kuala Lumpur and needed go to Penang or George Town which is the Same. And so we decided to Travel to Penang at the 21st of November at arrived at the 22nd of November at Penang. You might wonder why at the 22nd when we startet at the 21st, that’s because we flew over night and needed to stay in Bangkok for 7hours, because it was the cheapest. After we arrived in Penang we went to a café and waited so we could check in, normally we wanted to go to the Thai embassy to apply for the visa but in the afternoon they only give you the visa and you can’t apply for new ones. Which was stressful because we needed to go back on the 25th of November and so we wouldn’t have much days for the visa and in the internet it was written that it will take a few workdays, but we hoped that we will get it earlier and so on the 23th of November we went to the Thai embrassy and applied for the new visa and after we applied it wasn’t that stressful anymore because, we got a paper where it was written that we can pick it up the next day, so on the 24th. We all were so happy to see that we can get our visa so early. After that we splited, some people went to walk around the city some went back to relax, because it was really stressful. And so there is the next day, the 24th of November, where we could pick up our visa and of course we went really early so we could get it as fast as possible, and after wo got it we went to a Indian restaurant which was really good, I loved the food there and I was so full. After that we went to a shopping mall and just relaxed all the time because we got no more stress, we just got the visa and so the 24th of November also ends and the 25th of November began, we’re we splittend because we all had different flights, my group and I went to the biggest shopping mall in Penang to see how it is and of course to shorten the time to wait for our flight back and on the 26th we were back at Chiangrai and after that at the school. And yeah that was our trip to Malaysia for the visa.