Songkran Festival & Living Organic Garden

3 each stories from campers - Eva Zuilhof, The Netherlands

Before I joined this workcamp (Organic gardening & Songkran festival) I already had been traveling through Thailand for seven weeks. During those weeks I ate a lot of delicious food, went to some beautiful places and met a lot of people from all over the world. A lot, but no Thai.

In my second week I also did some volunteering, but because the place was run by two Dutch women there were a lot of other Dutch people. This and some other things made me decide to stay there only for 1,5 week (instead of the 4 weeks that I had planned). It just wasn't what I expected.

When I arrived at the VSA learning home my experience was totally different. First and foremost because everything was run by Thai people. Although the plans weren't always that clear and the learning home wasn't the cleanest, the experience made that feel like (almost - I don't really like rat poo -) nothing. It was so nice to meet so many local people and really get to know them. And also the other volunteers were great!

Although the name 'Workcamp' suggests these two weeks are a lot of work, but it's more of a cultural exchange. Meeting people, learning about culture and language, and having fun.

I really love this country, because traveling here is so easy and the people (most of them at least) are so so nice. So before I joined the VSA Workcamp I already wanted to come back if possible, but now I know for sure. I met so many wonderful people during my stay with VSA and I really hope to see them again!

Waitwaitwaitwait, thank you teacher!

3 each stories from campers - Atsushi Yonei , Japan

What I expected for this project before I arrived was to help the festival in the local temple for local people only. But it was actually 20 times more than I expected.

Every activities were interesting, but also every each activities had history and culture behind it.

So whenever I asked a question about even very small things, the local staffs of organization or local people gave me back with so many informative knowledges. Even while we were enjoying the water festival, we were able to learn culture and history behind it from local staff.

So we were always be able to both enjoy and learn for every works.

I've never had boring moments on this project. We were actually often tired in a good way.

But even when we had time to take rest because of after hard working a little under the sunshine, they entertained us, making us smile a lot, they, local staff or people did those instinctively.

For among volunteers, we could soon get united, atmosphere was very good, sharing our experiences and cultures a lot. We became an amazingly good team eventually that I felt, even me attending for only one week.

This experience and memory will last forever to me, definitely.

I'd like to say thank you for all the people who were involved in this project.

Thank you very much.

3 each stories from campers - Alessia Fausto (Mamuang), Italy

I was looking for a new experience after my graduation. I wanted to see a different life style, different people, different faces and different way to be happy.

In Europe we live in a society full of material stuff. I wanted to go far away and try to live more with spirit and less with things.

I decided to joined this project. When I was in the Learning Home. I never thought about problems and bad things. You live like in another universe.

Every day we did so many things and everything was so interesting, excited, organized!

During the camp you never stop to learn! Never!

The Thai group leader and the Thai volunteers were just amazing! They showed us so many things and they explained us everything you need to know about Thailand.

To spend time with local people was lovely because they are lovely. Local family, local farmer, local students everyone was just lovely!

And at the temple? Wow! There I understood that I chose the best experience and the best way to travel and discover a different culture!

I enjoyed a lot the Songkran festival! Funny and spiritual was a perfect combination!

I will never forget this experience. It was just amazing! If I had money and time I stayed there more and more!!

I think that when I will be back home it will be difficult to restart to live in European way. My experience was short but very strong.

I will tell you thank you for the rest of my life.