Sindy: ICL Project

Hi, I am Sindy and come from Hong Kong. This is my first time to stay on month in Thailand and work as volunteer for teaching children and army English. It was a big challenge for me since I never had teaching experience before in my life! It was an unforgettable experience and had a great time in here .

During April 1-30 was a summer holiday for formal school, so they arranged me to work in Wat Kok Reing temple which is a temporary of non-formal school for children study in that period. I taught from Monday to Friday and from morning to afternoon. I taught students who are from grade 3 to grade 7. Their English are very poor and they cannot understand what I said, even I spoke very show and use a simple sentence. However, there are some ‘teachers’ from high school and mocks who help me to translate sentence to Thai to explain for students, although their English is not good, they try their best to communicate with me! At the same time, I appreciated Oil and Hall that help me a lots for my teaching lessons in that period.

In additional, I had to go to army village for teaching English to solider and from Monday to Wednesday in the evening. They gave me the impression are cute, nice, kind, polite as well as work hard. Their English levels are low since they do not know how to make some sentences and answer questions, but they have so many vocabularies in their brain which is out of my expectation. Some children and solider are shy, they do not speak English in the class and we need to design some games for motivating them to speak more English or understand what we taught in the class! Some of them are very active and they love to answer questions. I got so much fun and enjoy teaching and playing with them.

It was not so long for me to stay in here for teaching, but I learnt a lot and love staying here. In this period, I understand and I can feel ‘Simple is Happiness’ in here. I remember Mother Theresa had said “Not of us can do great things, but we can do small thing with a great love.’ I hope I can come here again to work as volunteer.