Sarah In the Zoo

Hello to everyone!

I am Sarah, I come from Belgium and I am 18.

After I finished high school, I decided that I don’t wanted to begin immediately my studies, so I decided to take a gap year. To begin the gap year, I decided to spend the 4 first months in Thailand.

I decided to choose the zoo project for the first month. It was an amazing experience!

I recommend it to all people who like hard work, exchanging, and who love animals.

As a volunteer in the Songkhla zoo, I worked in the research department. It means that we didn’t worked a lot with the animals but we worked “around the animals”.

 It means that we worked about “how to change the animal’s environment to make it better “ or we worked about an exhibition the zoo organised. We also went once outsides the zoo to observe tiger’s footprints for the research. But there isn’t work the whole time (it would be too tiring) so sometimes you have to take something with you like a book to spend the time. I also used this time to learn more about the staff of the zoo. Even if the most of them don’t speak a good English, it is always possible to communicate. They are all open-minded and very nice people. I really enjoyed exchanging with them!

Finally I would say that the project at the zoo was really enriching, interesting and fun! During the month, I also met the other volunteers and we tried to see each other as often as possible to tell about our projects and discover the area together. I met wonderful people here, I made really good friends and I will never forget all these amazing moments we had together!

I hope with all my heart that all the future VSA volunteers will enjoy as much as I did their experience! Just be open minded and motivated and your project will be amazing!

With love,