Renovation project by Venuz August, 2013

It is a nice experience wake up every 7o’claock in the morning, did the morning task, had breakfast with the volunteers from around the world. We cooked together, played together, taught and travelled together.

This project was mainly focus on renovates the dormitory. In fact, the volunteers did a lots in the past, we painted the dorm and made it look new in every Tuesday !

In every Monday, we did organic farming! From nothing to grow the plants, and even planted the vegetables for our daily needs, I think peace village can start to plant more and even sell the organic vegetables for the villagers in Khlong hoi khong :D

In the past Wednesday, we had a special request about teaching and playing games in Luangpratanratnikorn Industrial and Community Education College. Although there were 2 hours per section, but it is hard to divide about 100 students in 2 groups, it is not easy to teach them as we have only 4 or 5 volunteers. It was really hard to do it, but after playing games with the students, they had fun and their interest in English increased can make us feel good finally. We all afraid of them, their English are not enough for the society nowadays. But we tried our best to let them listened more and spoke more English!

And we invited in non-formal education centre they visited peace village, farmed and cooked with us, during this process, we get to know each other, our culture and our background. It was a quite good experience for communicating with local senior citizens. And in the next section, we went to their center and let them know more about our culture and our cities and countries background.

We had fun during the lesson!!! They want to know more about Hong Kong, they love to communicate with foreigner and love to know more about our education system, weather and daily life! Moreover, the citizens taught us Thai, teach us how to cook like Thai, had the Tom Yum Kung soup and lunch together!!! There were unforgettable experiences in my life!

And the short term agriculture camp came, they helped a lots that there were more people came to peace village, and they come reduce our daily works in the farm too! We cleaned up the river, made new fields, planted more and more morning glories and made more compose too! They made noise in peace village, as there are only Jenny (a Dutch girl) or Diane (a French girl) at that time, we all felt lonely as well, appreciates for their helpsssssssssss!

Time flies, I thought it will be very bored stay in the countryside and work repeat and repeat before I came. However, it totally wrong! It seems like the day I just came, every day and everything fresh for us, not boring whenever. if I still have time , if I can choose once more time, I would like to do more