Record of teaching in Wat Kokreing school


taught in wat Kokreing school for two months May and June. I taught all the grades from pratom 1 to 6 and kindergarten 2. I was in this school only on Thursdays. I really liked the school because teachers were very helpful and children eager to learn. It was little bit challenging to teach without any help. Teachers didn`t speak good English but they tried really hard.

I always started the lesson by teaching them the subject of the day and then we played some game with it. For example I taught the numbers and then we played bingo with numbers.

Kindergarten: I taught colors, some animals, fruits, family members, numbers 1-6, songs like knees and toes, finger family

Grade 1 and 2: Alphabets, animals, easy new words, numbers 1-15

Grade 3: Alphabets, body parts, numbers 1-15, fruits, family members, I have/ she has…, easy sentences

Grade 4: Weekdays, animals, adjectives with opposites, locations

Grade 5: numbers 1-20, body parts, verbs, songs like banana song, head and shoulders, going to restaurant, easy sentences I have/ I like/ I am…

Grade 6: weekdays, colors, animals, months, verbs, going to restaurant, animals` body parts (wings, tail..)

I think it would be better to give a volunteer one teacher as their ``guide``. So volunteer would know who to ask help if needed! And also be clearer how long volunteer will work in the school. When I left the school it was surprise for every teacher.

Petra from Finland.