Peace Village renovation project

After one month and a half in Peace Village, I can say that I’m living such a rich experience here. I had the opportunity to meet many Thai volunteers and foreigner, always so kind… You learn a lot about Thai culture and how to manage an association. At the beginning it wasn’t easy for me especially because it’s really different here from my country but I got used to it quickly and we have so much fun between volunteers.

I’m glad to choose to come in Thailand because Thai people are so nice, welcoming then always ready to help you.

In March I did farming, we planted banana trees, I saw another way to grow up mushrooms, green beans and morning glory. I helped Bird to build his clay house for the renovation of Peace Village then some painting.

VSA has many short camps and when you are long term volunteer you have chance to join those camp. So I helped to build a public building in school and my best experience has been teaching. I’ve been teaching in Non Formal Education and for a teacher training.

Right now, we have started to do VSA Education in Peace Village on April, I enjoy it. It’s hard someday with kids, but I learn from my mistake and try to do better the next day.

Then, I’ll finish by talking about what I’ve seen around during my free time. I’ve been to Buddhist community one weekend, we stayed with monks it was so interesting to see their life and I’ve been to Patthalung, another province. Then I’ve seen Songkhla beach with coconut ice cream! .. Monkey temple and the beautiful view of the sea when you go up, Water falls, Songkhla zoo where a seal kiss me, Hat Yai city.. many things!

And the next will be Thai New Year this weekend!! J

Lise Talon, from France.