Peace Village 2016 camp

When I decided to visit Thailand, I thought not to do a normal holiday, but to do a new experience, in touch with local people.

I found on internet the Peace Village workcamp and I have immediately thought that it was perfect for me: teaching and farming, my main interests in these years!!

The best 2 weeks was so special. I met wonderful people and I did things I’ve never done before.

it was the most important experience ever. I had the possibility to see how works the schools here, to know the local kids and to look how the play. I have now more ideas for my Job!!

I like we lived with local people, talk with guys like me but that live almost from the other side of the world.

Thank you JJ (the camp leader) for taking care of us and for bearing me! And thanks to all the people I met Pi Tum, Pong, Gear, teacher Nirat, the coconut man, all of them always helping and smiling!!

Last but not least my travel friends! Shirtley, Esther, Alice, Yuka, Bo Kyu, Chaewon. I will miss you so much!!

I hope I will come again

Thanks for all,

Elisa Cattaneo