Peace Village 2 Camp-Korat by Koichi

Hello! My name is Koichi I’m from Japan It’s the first time for me to be a volunteer in Thailand after I was a volunteer in Cambodia, I’m so glad to live in Thai local community. In the first time at Nakhon Ratchasima I met with smile of local people and I had tried to eat Thai food which was Tom Yam and Green curry. I started to teach students at the local school where is Krok luk school located in the country side and surrounded by the small house of Thai local style. Moreover, I painted the wall of school and renovated the school environment. I love to spend my time with students because students are very cute and friendly here. They were surprised and excited to meet with Foreigner teacher as me then, they would run out and surround us when we arrived at school to teach them. I joined to the local Thai dance with local people before I would start teaching in next day. In addition, we would have exchanging cooking from various country in the dinner, I really like the night that we could try the dinner from the different countries. And the last day we had performance from our country to share with students at there.

Koichi Tsubaki

Japanese volunteer at VSA