Organic Farming camp March 2014

2 trendy Korean volunteers flied over Thai gulf landing in Songkhla where the smart Thai camp leader is waiting them with local motorcycle with the carrying side.

The story begin at Janong sub-district Songkhla Thailand where 4 volunteers 2 Thai boys and 2 Korean girls were joining organic farming camp at Kamnung, the great farmer house. What happen during 2 weeks, 3 - 15 February (let’s say “Valentine camp” How match!)

First weeks, we assisted uncle named Kamnung with Gear and Golf.

Tuesday, done fertilizer and rice.

Wednesday, we assisted to teach college students with other foreigner friends. We taught song and game. After then, we went to the hill and enjoyed beautiful view.

Thursday, planting sprout. we went Songkhla beach and ate coconut ice cream after work. We made Korean food for dinner.

Friday, working in vegetable garden all day. In the evening, Gear and Golf went to university examination.

Saturday, we worked with uncle Kamnung. We took a rest after 2:00 p.m. Eva and another volunteer came to joined in the evening as weekend workcamp.

Sunday, working with Eva and another volunteers before lunch. Afternoon, we worked with Bang Ree’s family. Gear and Golf came back at 9:00 p.m.

Second weeks, we had free time and worked in Gear’s farm.

Monday, travelling to waterfall with Bang Ree’s family, uncle Kamnung, Gear and Golf. We left uncle Kamnung’s house and went to ICL office.

Tuesday, we worked in Gear’s farm. But, we were little sick. So, we just worked for a little and came back ICL office to take a rest. Gear took us to swimming pool.

Wednesday, we worked in Gear’s farm. We cut bamboo and planted seed.

Thursday, again in Gear’s farm. We finalized the remainder of work.

Friday, we had free time in town.

Saturday, we left Songkhla.

Overall, we are happy and learn many things. Because we met very good friends who took care of us well, did new things and went new place. Also, we learn farming skills and gratitude during work. When we come back to Korea, we really really missed all things.

Uncle Kamnung’s house: To begin with, we were uncomfortable. But, we gradually adapted conditions.

ICL office: Actually, this place is more comfortable than Uncle Kamnung’s house. So we adapted well.