Organic Agriculture Camp of Non formal Education learning center: Messages from campers

2016.02.19, KIM JONGIN

나의 전공은 생물산업기계공학과이다. 그렇기에 나의 전공은 농업과 매우 밀접한 관계를 가지고있다. 그래서 나는 태국 농촌워크캠프에 한번 참여를 하고 싶어 지원을 하게 되었다. 태국은 이번 기회에 차음오게돠었는데 한국은 지금이 겨울이라 그런지 뜨거운 태국 날씨를 처음에 작응하기가 참 어려웠다. 그러나 같은 워크캠프팀원들과 그 외에 도움을 주는 현지인들과 있다보니 더위에 대한 생각이 덜 나게되었다. 농사일만 할 줄 알았었는데 농사일 뿐만아니라 식물교배, 식물 종의 다양성 공부, 새로운 신생작물개발의 중요성, 그리고 간단한 건물 짓기 등 정말다양한 활동을 해보았다. 특히 타이지역 대학생들과 같은 조를 이루어 도시투어를 하기도했는데 정말 인상적이었다. 한번의 인연에서 끝나기 쉬운데 정말 잘 맞난것인지 한번의 만남 이후로도 소셜네트워크를 통하여 지금도 지속적으로 연락을 주고 받고 있다. 정말 안갈것 같았던 이주간의 시간인데 지내다보니 너무 빨리 가서 아쉬움이 많이 남는다. 시간이 난다면 다음에 다른나라 워크캠프에 한번 더 도전해 보고싶다. 물롬 태국은 다시 꼭 올것이다

Feb 19 2016, Hyo-Geol Kim.

Agriculture is most important industrial in the future. Because rapidly increase popular and change eating habit is needed more Agriculture productivity. People is always want better thing. Organic farming is also included this. My major is Agricultural Machine Engineering. This major goal is not only creative more product but also produce better agricultural thing. This is my reason that choose this camp. In my personal opinion, southern agriculture system is almost manual process they don't use machine or automatic device. this process have much positive point. For instance, Good at environment, not make pollution gas and bad material farmer become more healthful. But negative point is less productivity - lack of money or economic value.

In my opinion. Thailand farmer should have this two points (positive, negative) properly combine as soon as possible but Agriculture machine (kind of combine, Track machine and product measure drone, etc) is so expensive. I suggest one solution. First, Thai government buy this machine and then lend to local farmer reasonable fee. I hope to my suggestion help Thai.

I feel Thailand people all kind and they always smile face. I love this point because Sometimes South Korea people is selfish and rude.

I never regret choose Thai camp I'm very satisfied all thing (food, local people, location) but southern Thai's tropical weather suffer to me. It's difficult adaptation. I learn many thing this camp. If I have long vacation in Korea, I hope to come back to Thailand.

19 Feb. 16

Ayano Nakago (Japan)

I wanted to know what I can do by myself, so I decided to go to the camp.

My Thai life was more comfortable than I imagined.

With my new foreigner friends, I visited to many places, ate delicious foods, observed the plants, made soil, went shopping, and played…

This was the first time I talked with people in only foreign language for as many as 2 weeks.

I couldn't speak in English and Thai language well, but I could be get along with people in Thai because of their effort to communicate with me.

When I greeted, Thai people always returned a greeting with smile. I like them so much!!

Thank you, Jam! And my friends!

I got many things by the camp.