Organic Agriculture Camp-Non Formal Education Office

This camp run on 8 - 20 September 2014 at Non Formal Education office, Songkhla. 5 international volunteers experienced organic way of agriculture and this is the first time of Non formal Education office hosting international voluntary workcamp.

For me, this is first work camp, so everything impressed me. In 2 weeks, I prepared soils, planted melons and pumpkins. I like cooking and eating, but I have never experienced agriculture. Through this work camp, I realized it’s so hard to raise vegetables. I think it’s important to learn about the difficulty of raising foods because we can’t live without eating foods. I also gave local students a lesson in Japanese culture. Then, I had a nice time because it seemed that they were interested in Japanese culture, especially Origami.

In free time, I went to the beach, museums and night market. I enjoyed them. I also ate many Thai foods. It was tasty but sometimes so spicy!!

In this work camp, I met a lot of local people. They are so kind and friendly. Before I came to Thailand, I was full of anxiety, but it was a waste of time. After going back to Japan, I want to tell my friends charms of Thailand. Someday, I want to come back to Thailand!

Thank you and See you again