My three first weeks in Peace village!

Hey there I'm Roxane, I'm a Swiss volunteer and I'm 22.

Since three weeks I live in Thailand, I stay in Hat Yai in the VSA peace village but I only spend something like 6 night there. Since the first of September we've moved a lot.

VSA has a new peace village project in Songklha. We renovated a school to build the new peace village. There is a lot of volunteers. We are 17: there Japanese, Thais, French, an American and me, Swiss! The new peace village is different than the one in Hat Yai, it's a school and there are students but there are less bugs than in Hat Yai and this is very good! The Hat Yai peace village is nicer, I like this place but the Songkhla peace village is more comfortable. So I like both peace villages. In the two next months we're going to be in Hat Yai and in Songkhla and Bangkok. So that's good.

Two weeks ago we went to two schools to do some renovation. We painted tables and chairs, we cleaned a wall and we painted it. We help the student to plant vegetables and we taught them some English. That was a good time.

Last week the long term volunteers had to teach English to students in the non-formal education. It was something new for me and I really enjoyed this moment even if it was very very difficult. Each of us had a subject to teach to 35 people four times a day. It was difficult because the student didn't speak English and I don't speak Thai. It was a new experience for me.

This week we went to a farmer near Songkhla. We stayed there for three days it was very good, I learned a lot of new things about agriculture and organic faming and we planted more than 500 chilis. We also visited a shrimp farm.

In three weeks I've met so many people, I discovered the Thai culture and the Thai food (very spicy but very good). I discovered a lot of new things and I learned a lot about me and others.

In peace village I don't like the MOSQUITOES AND THE RATS in my bungalow but I learned to live with them, now we are roommates... :D

I really enjoy my three first weeks in Thailand and I looking forward to the next weeks. We are going to move to Bangkok for two weeks to teach English! I hope that everything is going to be as interesting as those three first weeks.