My first month as an English teacher In Thaïland

When I arrived I expected to live an amazing experience, meet lots of people, have fun and learn from everything. Well I'm not disappointed but it so much more than what I thought it would be.

Thai people are so nice, they always mean well, want to share, help and take care of you. On my first week here I went to the city to visit and I met a lady. We started talking and she offered me lunch, she also tried to reach her son so he could take me to a tour.

Another time some girl from the town I didn't know came to pick me up so she could take me to the night market and show me around. Everyone here wants to share what they have and know.

I easily made friends here as there is always people around. From international volunteers to Thai volunteers, students... Teacher from school are also very nice. I have spend one weekend to one of the teacher's house and another one invited me too. I feel blessed to be here because it give me opportunities to learn so much from Thai culture and it's something that you can't get from simply travelling.

My teaching experience is amazing. I go to 4 different school so I don't have time to get bored ! It's also easier because I can prepare the classes for the all week and do the same class to every school. Children are young so their English is not good at all but with children it's always easy to communicate. We love to sing easy song that we can dance on and also play games. That's when they are the most interested, we usually divide the class in two team and play against each other. It's a big mess but in a good way.

Melissa from France

February 2014